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Alien Anihalators Pt1 Alien Anihalators Pt1

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


This is one of those I really wanted to like. On one level, I do, because it's obvious you put some work into this and have created a WORKING game, something a lot of people can't claim. It's responsive and it works for what it is. Great job, there. The gameplay needs more, though, to hold player attention, such as a score (typical for these types of games) or a stronger storyline/enemy formation. Also, I'd strongly suggest spelling Annihilator correctly :). Either way, it's a great start and definitely a strong base for future game development. Look forward to seeing the evolution :).

XZenX responds:

Thanks for the commentary. There is a story line to this, and it will (hopefully) be revieled in the next instalement. I'm really bad at making cinemtics and stuff, but I promise you there is a story line behind it. I have actually left a hint as to what the story is in this installement of the series. The prototype ship is in both worlds, and that should give a small hint as to what the story line is.
Again, thanks for the commentary.