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Frost'D Frost'D

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice job

Great job on that! Animation was really well done. I see we share the same kind of sick sense of humor when it comes to the holidays. Fun :)

Shadow's grip Shadow's grip

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

some comments

I see some promise, here. There's still a lot of room for refinement but your pacing is steady. Unfortunately, the music cut short, but you mentioned that. In the future, I'd suggest not letting something through the submission door until you've got that worked out. Other than that, watch your tenses and your spelling. If you want your writing to carry your work, you've got to be meticulous. "Drapes" and "veil" were spelled wrong in the same sentence. Check that stuff, always.

Good luck!

Jestercap13 responds:

hey thanx but on my computer the music made the whole thing but when i posted it it didnt but oh well i try better and the spelling sorry i couldnt think of what the word was but o well ill do better later

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Alien Anihalators Pt1 Alien Anihalators Pt1

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


This is one of those I really wanted to like. On one level, I do, because it's obvious you put some work into this and have created a WORKING game, something a lot of people can't claim. It's responsive and it works for what it is. Great job, there. The gameplay needs more, though, to hold player attention, such as a score (typical for these types of games) or a stronger storyline/enemy formation. Also, I'd strongly suggest spelling Annihilator correctly :). Either way, it's a great start and definitely a strong base for future game development. Look forward to seeing the evolution :).

XZenX responds:

Thanks for the commentary. There is a story line to this, and it will (hopefully) be revieled in the next instalement. I'm really bad at making cinemtics and stuff, but I promise you there is a story line behind it. I have actually left a hint as to what the story is in this installement of the series. The prototype ship is in both worlds, and that should give a small hint as to what the story line is.
Again, thanks for the commentary.